Irrigation Sleeves

Irrigation Sleeves

This slim, single molded sleeve - constructed from a flexible thermoplastic elastomer - slides effortlessly over Signature Portfolio’s MIS and Elite attachments conforming to their shape for an efficient fit. The low profile and rotatable irrigation jet facilitate site access and are designed to provide irrigation exactly where and when you need it.

For a seamless performance, the sleeves instantly integrate with CORE disposable irrigation cassettes while the CORE Console provides adjustable settings to control your preferences. It’s just one more way to customize and streamline your workflow all while maintaining your surgical technique

Irrigation Sleeves

Features and benefits


  • Slim, low profile to facilitate access

  • Rotatable irrigation jet for precision delivery

  • Single molded sleeve eliminates pieces that could disassemble during use

  • Adapts to MIS and Elite drill attachment profile

  • Integrates with CORE Console disposable irrigation cassettes

  • Sterile and disposable

  • Available in multiple sizes for MIS and Elite attachments

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