AVAflex® vertebral balloon system

The AVAflex® vertebral balloon system combines confidence and precisionallowing bipedicular results to be achieved through a unipedicular approach¹,².With our multiple balloon sizes, you are able to tailor your treatment to yourpreferences and patient needs.


• Less invasive offering3 
• Smaller gauge size helps reduce soft tissue and/or bone trauma4 
• Curved introducer with PEEK sheath protects the balloon and allows targeted balloon placement 
• Directional markings to identify direction of curve 
• Curved needle allows targeted cement delivery 
• Depth markings to accurately place 15, 20, and 30mm balloons 
• Available in 11G 

AVAflex® vertebral balloon system – 11G

11G Balloon specifications


1) Insert the AVAflex® needle with the radiopaque introducer. 

5) Inflate the AVAflex® vertebral balloon system. 

2) Remove the AVAflex® needle, leaving the introducer in place. 

6) Deflate the balloon. Remove the introducer and the deflated balloon simultaneously. 

3) Place the AVAflex® vertebral balloon system down the introducer. 

7) Prime the AVAflex® curved needle with bone cement and insert into the vertebral body. Fill the vertebral body with cement.

4) Expose the AVAflex® vertebral balloon system by retracting the introducer.