1688 CCU & L11 LED light source

Camera Control Unit & Light Source


 L11 LED Light Source 

The L11 LED Light Source with Advanced Imaging Modality is designed to automatically provide consistent lighting based on anatomy. The proprietary autolight technology enables surgeons to focus on the procedure at hand in the following applications:

  • Visible light (White Light mode) 
  • Near-infrared fluorescence (SPY mode) 
  • Near-infrared transillumination (IRIS mode)

1688 Camera Control Unit (CCU) 

The 1688 4K Camera Control Unit (CCU) with Advanced Imaging Modality performs as the central control of our endoscopy camera system. The platform offers the visual experience of video and photographic images during surgical procedures in the visible and infrared spectrum through 5 image modalities and functionalities.

 Brilliance in SPY 

SPY Overlay 
4K fluorescence overlaid on a white light image 

SPY Contrast 
High contrast visualisation of 4K fluorescence in black and white 

4K fluorescence displayed in grayscale and green 

Lighted ureteric stents designed to mitigate the risk of ureteric injury 

Auto Light 
Automatic light adjustment to maintain consistent lighting throughout procedure 


Fewer Limits.  
More Possibilities. 


AIM 4K Autoclavable 
Camera Head 

Designed to resist autoclavable and prion cycles of sterilization3


1688 AIM 4K C-Mount or w/integrated coupler
Camera Head 

Designed for streamlined functionality and versatility 


1688 AIM 4K Inline 
Camera Head 

Designed with different cable orientation compared to our other camera heads1


1688 Pendulum 
Camera Head 

Designed to detect orientation of the camera head and automatically rotate the image for optimal view1


1688 Microscope 
Camera Head 

Designed with thicker and longer cable than our standard camera head to optimize use with a surgical microscope


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