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TMJ Concepts is Stryker’s state-of-the-art, patient-specific implant intended for the reconstruction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Each implant is individually designed and manufactured to fit the unique anatomy of your patient and meet their specific functional needs.

Clinically proven. Surgeon trusted

patients treated annually worldwide

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Before they reach your door, many patients suffering from TMJ disorders endure long, complex treatments and several surgical procedures resulting in significant bone loss and distortion to the normal anatomical features.

Our TMJ Concepts patient-specific implants are designed to allow for precision fit to these discrepant features. Designed to provide rigid fixation and precision fit, TMJ Concepts implants help you restore form and function to your patients.


Skull with TMJ Concepts implant

of surgeons who perform TMJ replacement surgeries, use patient-specific TMJ devices.1

Value of patient specific implants.

Versatile design options - Implants are uniquely designed, providing flexibility in the placement of bone fixation, occlusal correction and condyle placement.

Allowing for an easier fit - Altered anatomy and increased scar tissue formation may result in difficult fit for off-the-shelf implants.

"Using an implant that’s custom designed to patient anatomy – of which no two are alike – reduces the periop re-shaping I have to do and ultimately leads to a better fit." 3

Built with material you trust.

TMJ Concepts differentiating features.


Stryker’s TMJ Concepts implants are made of trusted, clinically-proven material.Designed to fit the unique anatomy of your patient, individual implants address each patient's idiosyncrasies.

TMJ Concepts Infographic with glenoid fossa and  mandibular component

Glenoid fossa component

A. Unalloyed titanium mesh backing - for secure screw fixation

B. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

C. Industry-exclusive posterior lip design of the fossa helps to minimise the possibility of posterior dislocation


Mandibular component

D. Cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy condylar head

E. Titanium alloy body


An extensive range of options.

TMJ Concepts unilateral regular implant

Unilateral or bilateral

TMJ Concepts oversized mandibular implant

Oversized mandibular 

TMJ Concepts total mandibular implant

Total mandibular 

Clinically proven.

25+ years of clinical history.

People are at the heart of everything we do. Through our 150 years of experience in the field of maxillofcial surgery, we are empowering you to make a difference in the lives of patients through our clinically proven TMJ Concepts technology.

Improved outcomes2,4

  • Pain reduction
  • Mouth opening
  • Diet
  • Quality of life

Successful function at median of 21 years2

  • Implant still functioned well
  • Zero implants removed due to material wear

Low complication rate5

  • 2% of all patients and 1.34% of all prostheses are affected by infection

" I believe this custom implant improves preop planning, precision, visualization and implant fit – all which can help me achieve better outcomes." 3


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