Adherus Autospray and Adherus AutoSpray ET Dural Sealant


Adherus AutoSpray and Adherus AutoSpray ET Dural Sealants are indicated for use as an adjunct to standard methods of dural repair, such as sutures, to provide watertight closure during cranial and spinal procedures.
Adherus is legally manufactured by HyperBranch Medical Technology Inc.

Features and benefits



  • Maintains burst pressure strength above physiological intracranial pressure in an in vitro model 1
  • Absorbs over approximately 90 days2
  • Pre-Assempled or Extended tip (17 cm) applicator




1 minute 

set up 

Easy set up. Ready to use in 1 minute. Adherus hydrogel sets in approximately 1 second and remains where it is applied





Once setup, Adherus gives you a 2-hour window of use







crosslinking endpoints

Designed to increase strength and minimise swelling

0 infections 

in one trial 

Among subjects treated with Adherus in a pivotal randomised controlled trial, there were no device related infections and no cases of meningitis3

1: van Doormaal T, Kinaci A, van Thoor S, et al.  Usefulness of Sealants for Dural Closure: Evaluation in an In Vitro Model. Operative Neurosurgery.  15(4): 425-432; 2018.

2: Data on file with Stryker

3: Tew, Jr JM, Strong MJ, West GA, Woo H, Couture DE, Wilson JA, Munoz LF, Rosen CL, Greenlee JD, van Loveren HR, Iantosca M, Baird CJ, Smith M, McGirt M, Parish J, Asher AL. A Pivotal Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating the Safety and Eectiveness of a Novel Hydrogel Dural Sealant as an Adjunct to Dural Repair. Oper Neurosurg13:204-212, 2017.