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How we support your clinical studies for Stryker Craniomaxillofacial and Neurosurgical portfolios.



Our philosophy

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Our clinical research program aims to generate the evidence needed to make healthcare better by assisting clinicians and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) make informed and sound decisions about the medical treatment of their patients.

Alongside Stryker-led single and multicenter studies, Stryker is interested in sponsoring innovative Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) for our Neurosurgical and Maxillofacial portfolios within the scope of our research philosophy. The funding amount will be determined on a per study basis, respecting the principles of fair market value and compliant interaction with Healthcare Professionals.

Stryker has a dedicated process in place for supporting IIS related to the on-label use of our products. This process is managed by the Clinical Research Team and all research proposals received by Stryker undergo an extensive review and approval procedure.



Investigator Initiated studies 

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Who can apply?


To apply for a research grant from Stryker, you must be a professional or faculty member at an appropriate medical or educational institution with access to resources to conduct the proposed research.

We also apply criteria that help justify the selection of a site or investigator to receive a grant including, but not limited to:

  • appropriate medical or academic qualifications, 
  • unrestricted licensure to practice, 
  • publication history, 
  • ability to demonstrate working knowledge of ISO 14155 - Good Clinical Practices, 
  • dedicated and trained support staff, 
  • Good Laboratory Practice and other regulations in relation to conducting research, 
  • and a lack of conflicts of interest related to the proposed research.



How to apply?


To formally apply for a research grant, an Investigator Initiated Study proposal application form must be submitted to Stryker’s Clinical Research Team for review.

Please reach out to our Clinical Research team through the contact form below to request your application form.



Review board meetings


Review board meetings are held on a regular basis to review the submitted research proposals. During the review process, the following points are considered:

  • Novelty of the research topic
  • Scientific validity of the study design
  • Alignment with Stryker’s philosophy and regulatory requirements
  • Cost justification
  • Experience and qualifications of the Investigator and site

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