IsoFlex SE

Stretcher Support Surface

Transforming the standard of stretcher support surfaces.

IsoFlex SE Surface


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Premium shear management.

Stryker’s premier stretcher surface, IsoFlex SE, addresses the key risk factors to skin breakdown: pressure and shear. In doing so, IsoFlex SE enhances patient comfort and aids in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.

A Welded seams
B Slip-resistant bottom
C Three-sided zipper


Gel for treatment and prevention.

Experience the value of gel technology.

It’s true: Pressure ulcers can begin in as little as the first two hours* of a patient’s admittance into a clinical setting. They pose a serious threat and should be treated as such.

With the aforementioned knowledge of the severity of pressure ulcers in mind, we designed IsoFlex SE with specific features to aid in treatment and prevention. Most important of these features, is gel.

A ShearGel
B CoreGel
C Sloped heel section



Product features
ShearGel technology

ShearGel Technology

Featuring innovative technology, IsoFlex SE was designed to help minimize the friction between the surface and the patient. Its technology offers a layer of support so IsoFlex SE can move freely with patient movements.

CoreGel Technology

CoreGel Technology**

Located in the sacral region, CoreGel creates a positioning pocket to help prevent patient migration1. Its design helps absorb and redistribute patient weight to aid in pressure redistribution.

Sloped heel section

IsoFlex SE features a sloped heel section to further address our commitment to pressure ulcer prevention by helping reduce the risk of heel breakdown.

Slip-resistant bottom

Slip-resistant bottom

ComfortGel SE features a slip-resistant bottom to help improve infection prevention through the elimination of Velcro while maintaining affixation to the stretcher during patient movement and transfers.

Welded Seams

Welded seams

ComfortGel SE features RF welded seams that utilize electromagnetic bonding to limit fluid ingress and infiltration.

Three-sided zipper

Three-sided zipper

Caregivers can fully inspect the condition of internal components of their stretcher surface with IsoFlex SE’s three-sided zipper.

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