Illuminated Retractor System

The illuminated retractors are designed to provide strong, volumetric light output whilst remaining thermally cool1.

Invuity’s intelligent photonic technology enables superior visualisation when operating in deep, dark surgical cavities.

Increased visualisation

Non-conductive retractors with

intracavity illumination


Ergonomic, low-profile and ultra-lightweight design for use in deep cavities or throughsmall incisions

Thermally cool

Thermally-cool illumination1 helps protect against thermal damage to tissues, surgical drapes, etc


Proprietary polymer provides high strength and strong upward retraction and protects tissue from trauma and burns due to arcing from electrosurgical devices


Your complete illuminated retractor portfolio

Eikon LT

24 reusable styles to suit various procedures, anatomy and surgeon preferences

  • Cleared for general use with design features optimised for breast, general  abdominal, orthopaedic and thyroid  surgery 
  • Ergonomic design allows for multiple hand positions
  • Non-conductive for safe use with electrosurgical device 
  • Smooth (without teeth) and teeth options available 
  • Lightweight 
  • Sterilisable

Heaney style

Richardson style

Army Navy style


Eiberg retractors, cleared for general use with design features optimised for hip surgery

  • Hohmann-style retractor
  • Standard or long versions
  • Broad, volumetric light output
  • Sterilisable
PhotonGuide Technology

Up to 22x more light output

than battery powered disposable retractors2


Patented total internal reflection design

• Solid core optical-grade polymer are designed to reduce light lossand thermal risks that can occur with misaligned fibre optic bundleto-bundle coupling

• Microlenses cover entire output surface for redundancy of light

PhotonGuide: Intracavity illumination

• Narrow and wide styles

• For single use with Eikon LT retractorsractors





A. Solid core optical polymer 

B. Total internalreflection     

C. Refractive microstructures  

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