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A non-invasive skin closure device that's free of punctures and full of advantages.
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1. Isolation

The scaffold-like structure creates an isolation zone around the wound, designed to protect it from external forces.

2. Protection

Secure hydrocolloid adhesion designed to stick to the skin has shown to be 12x stronger2 than sutures.

3. Flexibility

Dynamic compression can maintain wound integrity while providing better flexibility.

4. Adjustability

Greater isolation from tension known to promote scarring.

is designed for...

Better outcomes

  • Surgical sites have significantly less wound related complications post-operatively.1,2
  • ZIP patients required less post-operative care for removal compared to staples.2,3
Better outcomes
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Superior scar quality

  • Better cosmetic outcomes with no risk of needlestick injury3,4,5
  • Hydrocolloid adhesive to allow for a puncture free closure

Faster closure

  • Zip provides rapid, secure, adjustable closure6
  • Zip is 4x faster than sutures7
  • Suture closing time variability 8x higher than with Zip7
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Key Benefits



than sutures8

than sutures7
cosmetic appearance4
Designed to increase patient satisfaction3,5


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''Do zip-type skin-closing devices show better wound status compared to conventional staple devices in total knee arthroplasty?''

Article image 1

''Using  a non-invasive secure skin closure following total knee arthroplasty leads to fewer wound complications and no patient home care visits compared to surgical staples.''

Article image 3

''Patient Satisfaction and Cosmetic Outcome in a Randomized, Prospective Study of Total Knee Arthroplasty Skin Closure Comparing Zip Surgical Skin Closure with Staples.''

Skin Closure

·      Fewer wound complications6

·      Reduced scarring1

·      Increased range of motion during recovery4

·      No added pathways for bacteria

·      Easier, faster, and less painful to apply and remove2,5

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