Precisely engineered polyethylene

Our X3 polyethylene supports our total hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty solutions. X3’s patented manufacturing process of sequential cross-linking uses three separate gamma irradiation doses with an annealing step after each.

Highly cross-linked polyethylene

X3 features a patented1 three-step process of irradiation with 3MRads (total 9MRads) of gamma radiation and annealing.2 This particular development of X3 allows for wear resistance,3,4 mechanical strength5 and oxidation resistance6 without the use of additives. Stryker’s irradiation and annealing process for X3 has not changed since its development, allowing X3 to maintain its core properties and positive performance attributes. Since its first use in orthopaedics, there have been over 5 million X3 implantations worldwide across hip and knee arthroplasty.7 The significant amount of clinical and joint registry data on X3 support its use in TKA8-11 and THA.12-17

X3 Polyethylene Bearing Surface Design and Clinical Results


Prior to 2018, any X3 data published included product manufactured using compression molding consolidation and gas plasma sterilization. In 2018, Stryker added ram extrusion consolidation and EtO sterilization capabilities to the X3 manufacturing process.