Connected OR Hub

Digital capture system

Stryker's Connected OR Hub is the centre of your smart OR, allowing you to stream, capture, record, and print in 4K or HD. The Connected OR Hub provides total control of the entire visualisation system from the surgical field. The intuitive interface and improved workflow, as compared to previous generations, matches real-world application, making control faster and easier than before. Experience automatic smoke detection and evacuation as well as digital image enhancement when upgraded with Video Image Processing (VIP) package.

The Future is Software

Device Control

  • Allows total control of Stryker consoles from the camera head or sterile field.
  • Enables HCPs to electronically capture, transfer, store and display medical device data.
  • Allows camera head button configuration to toggle on/off: insufflator, light source, pump wash.
  • Supports rapid-fire picture taking for all supported Stryker cameras.

4K Recording

  • Enables high resolution recording of surgical video (up to 4K UHD).
  • Allows the export, editing and playback of high resolution (4K UHD) video.




  • Allows the export of media from the HUB to PACS systems
  • Enables conversion of digital images into DICOM format
  • Facilitates the push and pull of patient information through the PACS server’s modality worklist (MWL)

Video Editing and Telestration

  • Permits the editing (trim, cut and stitch) of recorded surgical videos
  • Allows graphical annotations on live video for educational purposes directly on the screen 
  • Enables HCPs to highlight areas of the video on the Connected OR Operating System



Video Image Processing (VIP)

  • Intended to improve operational efficiency through automation and customised control for the surgeon and staff.
  • Provides automatic smoke detection
  • Automatically evacuates smoke to improve surgical visualisation
  • Provides increased clarity, contrast, saturation & sharpness of image video
  • Aids in the ability to see through suboptimal conditions (e.g., smoke, fog, fluid, complex anatomy, etc.)
Optimize your OR



User profiles: Surgeon Profiles allow customised settings to auto-populate before you even enter the OR, creating a consistent surgical environment.

My Patient Hub Application: Fully integrated with data stored on Stryker’s Connected OR Hub and SDC3, the My Patient Hub App allows surgeons to effortlessly capture, annotate and share case images and customised postoperative instructions with patients from their mobile device.


The future of Minimal Invasive Surgery