The Stryker Endoscopy Latam Franchise has just launched the +FOCO Campaign!


Our FOCUS is to bring more and more safety to the operating room.

Our focus is to improve the ability of surgeons to perform better in minimally invasive, open and reconstructive surgery.

Our focus is to spread the use of fluorescence with indocyanine green (ICG)* and its benefits.

Our focus is women's health. It is the quality of life. The technology and innovation.

Our focus is YOU!

That's why the Latin American Stryker Endoscopy franchise has just launched the +FOCO program!

The +FOCO campaign will bring even more knowledge and information about INDOCIANINE GREEN FLUORESCENCE (ICG)*: a way of visualizing blood flow and tissue perfusion by using a green pigment, which is activated by near-infrared light and turns fluorescent (green) when using advanced imaging modules such as STRYKER AIM cameras.

Stryker is committed to building a future with more quality, health and life.

And this is our purpose, together.

Follow the next steps of the +FOCO campaign!

Green light for technology, evolution and security.

*We inform that in some countries, Stryker does not sell Indocyanine Green. Stryker obtains all information related to indocyanine green through independent clinical studies.1, 2

1. ‘SPY Fluorescence Imaging Bibliography, 1000903302 Rev B'.
2. Zarrinpar A, Dutson EP, Mobley C, Busuttil RW, Lewis CE, Tillou A, Cheaito A, Hines OJ, Agopian VG, Hiyama DT. Intraoperative Laparoscopic Near- Infrared Fluorescence Cholangiography to Facilitate Anatomical Identification: When to Give Indocyanine Green and How Much. Surgical Innovation. 2016. DOI: 10.1177/1553350616637671.

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