OB/GYN Stretcher

Intuitive patient positioning and simple OB/GYN functionality.


3 Easy Steps

That’s all it takes to convert Gynnie from a general use stretcher to a pelvic exam table, making it a versatile solution that can outfit an entire emergency department.

Sealed Mattress

The 4-inch thick Ultra Comfort Mattress has clean lines and is sealed for simple cleaning and to help prevent the collection of fluids.



Product features

Optional Accessories

Configurable with optional OB/GYN accessories to meet your needs.

Adjustable Footrests

Feature simple one-handed operation, and lock into place when the patient puts pressure on them. Simply glide footrests out, position the patient, and lower the foot section to provide excellent pelvic access.

Compact Design

Pop-up push handles and a retractable fifth wheel help improve maneuverability.