Powered support surface

The evidence-based ICU support surface solution.

Isolibrium Surface

Isolibrium at a glance

Isolibrium is a powered support surface designed to assist in the prevention and treatment of all pressure injuries (stages 1-4, unstageable and deep tissue injury) and is intended to integrate into Stryker's InTouch Critical Care Frame.

  • Air Pod technology 

  • Automatically adjusting four zone sensor technology

  • Low air loss

  • Continuous lateral rotation

  • Turn assist 

Product features

Helps Prevent Bottoming Out

Isolibrium Support Surface provides Patient Specific Immersion and maintains a level of immersion above that of critical immersion.1*

Touch Screen

Intuitive touch screen interface provides simple, yet functional, features including therapy history tracking and customizable rotation therapy.

HeelGel Technology

Isolibrium Support Surface’s HeelGel2 has been designed to buckle when heel pressure is applied and moves that pressure to the calf.

Enhanced Microclimate

The Isolibrium Support Surface’s air channeling technology delivers low-air-loss toward the patients’ most vulnerable areas for skin breakdown without internal obstruction.1

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