SPY Portable Handheld Imaging System

The SPY Portable Handheld Imaging (SPY-PHI) System utilizes SPY Fluorescence Imaging technology and allows surgeons to visualize circulation, including lymphatics and blood vessels, as well as related tissue perfusion with near infrared fluorescence imaging during a variety of surgical procedures.

A handheld solution for perfusion assesment

SPY-PHI is a unique and versatile fluorescence imaging system that provides clinicians with a convenient solution for perfusion assessment. Its compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for use in the operating room as well as smaller spaces such as ambulatory surgical centers.

White Light

Overlay Mode

SPY Fluorescence Mode

Color Segmented
Fluorescence (CSF) Mode

SPY-PHI images from a sigmoid and rectum LAR case.

An enlightened perspective on surgery

Brilliant image quality

The 1080p resolution at 60fps, designed to provide realistic color reproduction, results in a sharp, highly detailed image


Multiple visualization modes

Combines fluorescence signal information with vivid white light imaging in real-time


Flexible working distance and wide imaging field

Designed to allow clinicians to assess perfusion using a wide range of viewing distances, allowing for versatility in the operating room


Ambient light immunity

Allows the operator to work fluidly without disrupting activities around the surgical table

Intuitive operator controls

A. Change between White Light and SPY Fluorescence Mode

B. Focus In/Out

C. Change Visualization mode

D. Menu for access to all Video Processor Illuminator (VPI) functions including image capture and records controls

An enlightened 
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