Stryker Europe
Consultant Travel and Hospitality Policy 

Stryker Europe has established this Policy to ensure that all travel and hospitality (accommodation and meals) arrangements and payments made for a Consultant align with Stryker’s value of integrity and adhere to all applicable legal and ethical requirements.

1 Air Travel

  1. Stryker may provide reasonable air travel to a Consultant if needed to perform the consulting services.
  2. Air travel tickets for a Consultant traveling for Stryker will be booked through Stryker’s nominated travel agent. Tickets will be prepaid by Stryker and sent to the Consultant.
  3. Travel class. A Consultant traveling for Stryker may receive one (1) round-trip economy-class air travel ticket for any leg of a flight lasting less than six (6) hours, or one (1) round-trip business-class air travel ticket for any leg of a flight (incl. connections) lasting six (6) hours or more.
  4. Period of travel. Stryker cannot provide air travel arrangements that facilitate a period of stay beyond the duration of the consulting services. The Consultant cannot be flown in any earlier than the day before the consulting services start and depart no later than the day after the consulting services finish.
  5. Personal travel. Stryker may not facilitate (e.g. arrange, book, pay) itself or by directing its third party service providers, any personal travel arrangements or expenses for or incurred by the Consultant.

2 Accommodation

  1. Stryker may, if needed for the Consultant to perform the consulting services, book and provide the Consultant with one (1) single occupancy room in a reasonable and modest hotel (e.g. no 5 star, boutique/top-tier or resort hotels) for the duration of the consulting services.
  2. Only the nights required for the Consultant to perform the consultancy work can be provided. Overnight stays should start no earlier than one night before the consulting services begin and end no later than the night of the final day of the consulting services.
  3. The hotel should be located in close proximity to the location where the consultancy work takes place.
  4. Hotel room and tax amounts will generally be prepaid by Stryker.  The Consultant should provide a credit card upon check-in for incidentals.

3 Meals

  1. Stryker may pay for meals when the Consultant travels away from home to perform consulting services for Stryker.
  2. All meals paid for or provided to the Consultant by Stryker must be occasional and modest and reasonable in the local area (i.e., not at a top-end or top-tier restaurant, no entertainment).
  3. During most consulting services, many of the meals are provided as part of a meeting program. If that is not the case, Stryker can reimburse up to a certain amount per meal that is not provided as part of the meeting program. The per-person cost limit of the meal (including drinks, tips, and tax) provided or reimbursed to the Consultant must be within the maximum meal limit set for the country where the meal takes place (See

4 Ground Transportation

  1. Stryker may provide reasonable round-trip ground transportation where required for the Consultant to perform the consulting services. Ground transportation may include taxi or car services. If the Consultant uses a personal automobile, Stryker may pay the commonly accepted statutory mileage reimbursement rate.
  2. Up to first class commuter train travel is permitted in Europe.
  3. Mid-size class car rental is permitted.
  4. Stryker may pay for parking charges incurred by the Consultant for the duration of the agreed consulting services.

5 Personal and entertainment expenses

  1. Personal expenses are the personal responsibility of the Consultant. They include, but are not limited to: minibar expenses, movies, and incidentals.
  2. Laundry services will only be reimbursable where incurred as part of extended consulting services (one week or more).
  3. Entertainment expenses are the personal responsibility of the Consultant. Stryker cannot facilitate the arrangement, booking or payment of any entertainment for the Consultant.  This includes, but is not limited to skiing, golf, tennis, boating, museums, sightseeing, city tours, sport and cultural events.

6 Expenses for spouses or other guests of the Consultant

  1. Stryker and Stryker employees (or any other person or company representing Stryker like a travel agency) may not facilitate (e.g. arrange, book and/or pay for) any travel, accommodation or other expenses for spouses, children or other guests of the Consultant (even if the Consultant pays for the expenses of the guest).

7 Expense reports and reimbursements

  1. Where Stryker is unable to pay a vendor directly and the Consultant is required to pay for his/her own travel/hospitality costs that are needed to perform the consulting services (e.g. a taxi to the location where the consulting services takes place), he/she may claim reimbursement for the expense, provided:
  • it is in compliance with this policy; and
  • the costs of the travel have been pre-approved by Stryker; and
  • the Consultant issues an expense invoice to Stryker (example attached to this Agreement) accompanied by the original itemized receipts and an explanation as to why the expenses were incurred.

8 No advance payments

  1. Stryker cannot make advance payment to Consultants to cover anticipated expenses.