Manufacturing a Healthy Future – bringing 3D printing skills to schools across the country

As part of ‘Manufacturing a Healthy Future’, a European project funded by EIT Manufacturing, Stryker is partnering with I-Form, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, to support a fun and educational initiative that is capturing children’s imaginations across Ireland and Europe. The initiative brings 3D printing to life in primary and second-level schools.

Stryker is committed to supporting STEM initiatives and helping build the great minds of the future, and that all starts with sparking interest in a way that appeals to children – this innovative programme does just that. Teachers are key influencers of young children but sometimes lack access to the information and technology around the most innovative activities happening in STEM and manufacturing. This project aims to empower teachers with up-to-date careers knowledge, helping them bring manufacturing technology into the classroom in the form of 3D printing.

The project will train 50 primary school teachers across Europe in 2021 in the use of 3D printing technology in the classroom. Here in Ireland, Stryker is pleased to be working with 25 teachers from 10 primary schools, mostly based in the Cork region.

More than 400 young pupils are in turn taking on a 3D printing design challenge. Pupils are working in teams to design and print a creative response to a health or well-being challenge in their local community. Stryker and I-Form are continuing to provide support to teachers through this process. A national final and international showcase will take place later this year.

We will share the designs and video entries from the schools that we have been working with in the coming months.