Stryker announces partnership with Allm to facilitate streamlined patient care in European stroke centres


Stryker has partnered with Allm on a new programme that offers customers an opportunity to purchase Join software. With Allm’s Join software, customers and their stroke teams can now streamline access to patient information and imaging, allowing them to request and track patient transfers, consult on treatment decisions, and ensure the team’s readiness upon a patient’s arrival – thus speeding the patient’s path to treatment.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability and second leading cause of death worldwide.1 It occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted, causing brain cells to die. The brain of a patient suffering an ischemic stroke ages approximately 3.6 years per hour without treatment, so timely treatment is critical.2

“We have been using Join for years and have seen the stroke workflow optimisation benefits that Join provides by allowing our team to efficiently and securely triage, communicate and collaborate within our stroke team and across various departments and hospitals,” said Dr. Marc Ribo, interventional neurologist at Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona. “We are pleased to hear that now Stryker and Allm will partner to continue to improve the lives of patients and clinical teams.”

Stryker offers a full portfolio of stroke products designed to remove blood clots in the brain quickly and efficiently once the patient undergoes treatment. By partnering with Allm, Stryker is helping to close the gap that remains in getting patients to that treatment.

“We’re dedicated to helping our customers provide the best care possible for their patients. That dedication extends beyond our products to programmes and services that benefit our customers outside the angio suite,” said Mark Paul, president of Stryker’s Neurovascular division. “Now we’re able to offer customers the software that can increase efficiencies throughout the care pathway and reduce the time to treatment.”