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Bone Graft Subsitute

A synthetic bone graft substitute offering a unique interconnected, ultra-porous structure that resembles human cancellous bone.

Vitoss Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute

Vitoss is a highly porous beta-tricalcium phosphate (up to 90% porous)1 with clinical research demonstrating efficacy in a variety of anatomical locations.2 Vitoss can be hydrated with bone marrow aspirate (BMA), whole blood, or saline. It is available in a variety of forms including moldable packs, malleable strips, and morsels.

  • Open, interconnected structure designed to allow for 3-D bone regeneration.3
  • When combined with bone marrow aspirate (BMA), it has been shown to demonstrate the same bone healing components as the gold standard (Iliac crest bone graft, or ICBG) – a scaffold (osteoconduction), signals (osteoinduction), and cells (osteogenic and angiogenic).4
  • Vitoss Foam Pack is stable in a fluid environment, can soak and hold various hydration fluids, and is moldable
  • Vitoss Foam Strip is flexible when wet, can soak and hold various hydration fluids, is compression resistant, and is easy to cut
  • Vitoss Morsels and Blocks are good for large graft volume applications and are cost comparable to cancellous chips



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Based on BIVIT-WB-7_16134

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