T2 Recon
Nailing System

Intramedullary nail for treating proximal femoral and diaphyseal femur fractures.

T2 Recon Nailing System

With a tip of the greater trochanter entry point and both recon and antegrade femoral locking options, it offers an efficient treatment option for multiple indications. The T2 IM Nailing Platform offers a combination of innovation, simplicity and versatility that is designed to suit your various needs.

  • Recon vs. antegrade targeting device
  • Ream less bone proximally at 13mm
  • Sizes range from 9-15mm
  • Distal dynamic locking available
  • Distal locking targeting system
  • Two set screws allows for increased versatility


Distal Targeting System

The Distal Targeting System allows for guided distal locking for our Gamma 3 long and T2 Recon nails

  • May reduce x-ray exposure and improve OR efficiency1
  • Radiolucent design is compatible with existing targeting handle
  • May provide additional working space due to 30 degree C-arm alignment


  1. Adam et al. External distal targeting device for safe insertion of distal locking screws when performing long Gamma nail: Comparison with the freehand technique. Bone and Joint. Vol 94-B Supp XXXVII. 14 Sept 2012

T2-AWI-1, 07-2017