T2 Alpha
T2 Alpha Femur Retrograde Nailing System

The innovation you expect meets a design you’ve never experienced.

Stryker is the market leader in intramedullary nailing.6 For decades, we've been creating solutions that improve treatment and set new standards.  

Our customers needed intraoperative adaptability and security in a nailing solution, and that's what our system provides.1 Created with a redefined nail design to treat varying patient needs2, advanced locking screws for increased stability5, and intuitive instrumentation, the T2 Alpha Femur Retrograde Nailing System delivers a new level of innovation.1

  • Data driven SOMA designed hybrid nails for diverse anatomical patient needs.1,2
  • Added locking options for intraoperative adaptability.1,2
  • Advanced Locking screws are designed to limit relative motion between the nail and the screw.3 
  • Guided targeting designed to provide more reproducible locking and reduce the total number of x-ray shots compared to freehand locking.4,7,8




Redefined nail design

Stability where and when you need it

Instrumentation made easy






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