Pelvis Reduction and Osteosynthesis Plating System

Anatomic plates and approach specific instrumentation for the exposure, reduction, and fixation of pelvis and acetabulum fractures.

Plating that fits.

With a special focus on exposure and reduction, the PRO system is uniquely engineered to facilitate less invasive techniques such as the anterior intrapelvic approach, where working in a deep narrow space may pose special surgical challenges.

PRO Pelvic Retractors

  • Four radiolucent, lightable, pinnable retractors were designed to maximize visibility during surgical exposure
  • Designed to be placed sequentially, but not limited to a particular anatomic location, you may anchor retractors to the bone with stabilizing K-wires while the light pipe attachment lights up the inside of the wound
  • The suction retractor is designed to retract the bladder and abdominal contents while providing suction at the base of the wound

PRO Specialty Reduction Instruments

  • Long handles, offset tines and custom designs to accommodate both traditional and less invasive exposures
  • Stability with four-point crown spiked tips
  • Color coded instruments and tray for ease of identification
  • Bent periosteal elevators specifically designed for the irregular surfaces of the pelvis

PRO Pelvic Instrumentation

  • Cannulated instruments with optional washer loading function designed to streamline position/lag screw placement or screw insertion through a plate
  • Angled ball spike pushers for distribution of force on tangential surfaces
  • Angled depth gauge for measuring angulated drill paths
  • Variety of ergonomic contouring instruments for the back table or in-situ
  • Plate insertion handle to facilitate plate positioning

PRO Quadrilateral Surface Plates

  • Evidence-based SOMA design
  • Designed to buttress the quadrilateral surface in treatment of acetabular fractures
  • Dedicated attachment hole to plate insertion handle to facilitate plate positioning
  • Screw holes are pre-angled to aim screws away from the acetabulum
  • Wide screw angulation (70° cone with a 3.5mm screw)
  • Accept 3.5mm and 4.5mm cortex screws

Matta Pelvic Plates

  • Variety of stainless steel pelvic recon plates including straight, curved and pubic symphysis
  • Annealed, flexible acetabular plates are more malleable than cold-worked straight pelvic plates
  • Wide screw angulation with a 3.5mm screw (70° cone)
  • Plates accept both 3.5mm and 4.5mm cortex screws