Nailing System

Cephalomedullary nailing system for the treatment of a wide range of proximal femur fractures as well as associated femoral shaft fractures.

Gamma3 Nailing System

Gamma is a comprehensive intramedullary nailing system for the treatment of a wide range of proximal femur fractures as well as associated femoral shaft fractures. The system is the result of over 25 years of continuous innovation and clinical history.

  • Type II anodization for titanium implants offers increased fatigue strength1

  • Reduced proximal nail diameter to facilitate a minimally invasive technique

  • Radiolucent carbon fiber targeter compatible with short and long nails with 120°, 125°, and 130° neck angles

  • Distal targeting options

  • Plus targeter available for cases where added soft tissue clearance is required

  • Set screw prevents rotations of the lag screw and asymmetric depth profile only allows

  • Four locking grooves allow for quarter turn advancement of 0.8mm to allow for precise lag screw positioning

Gamma3 Trochanteric Nail

The Gamma3 Trochanteric Nail is intended for use in stabilizing various types of stable and unstable intertrochanteric fractures including peritrochanteric fractures.

  • 170 and 180mm length options
  • Distal targeting achieved through the standard targeting arm

Gamma3 Long Nail

Gamma3 Long Nail is intended for fixation of stable and unstable femoral fractures occurring from the base of the femoral neck extending distally to a point approximately 10cm proximal to the intracondylar notch including fractures of the basilar neck, intertrochanteric fractures, peritrochanteric fractures, subtrochanteric fractures and femoral shaft fractures.

  • Distal diameters 10mm, 11mm, 13mm and 15mm 
  • Nails available 240mm - 480mm in 20mm increments
  • 1.5m and 2.0m radius of curvature nails available
  • Distal targeting achieved with the Distal Targeting System

Gamma3 RC Lag Screw

The Gamma3 RC Lag Screw can be used with either nail type and may be used to treat patients with highly osteoporotic bone.

  • Combination of standard Gamma3 lag screw with a spreading U-clip
  • U-clip provides an additional 2mm of spread to increase the surface area for enhanced rotational control and resistance to cut-out
  • RC Lag Screw showed a 15% higher resistance to migration over the standard lag screw.2

Gamma3 Distal Targeting System

The Distal Targeting System allows for guided distal locking for our Gamma3 Long and T2 Recon Nails.

  • May reduce x-ray exposure and improve OR efficiency3
  • Radiolucent design is compatible with existing targeting handle
  • May provide additional working space due to 30° C-arm alignment