AxSOS 3 Ti Proximal Humerus
Plating System

Monoaxial locking plate system for treating proximal humerus fractures.

Plating that fits.

Every minute counts in the OR. From a population-based implant design, a patented screw-to-plate interface, and streamlined instrumentation, our focus was on creating a well-designed plating system, giving you more time to focus on other things.

  • 8 metaphyseal K-wire and suture holes
  • Available in lengths up to 306mm
  • Patented locking screw head design helps ease extraction1
  • May allow for a less rigid construct, potentially resulting in increased callus formation and secondary healing2
  • Provides increased CT imaging clarity3
  • Offers excellent biocompatibility4,5
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CP-AWI-14, 07-2017