Asnis Micro
Cannulated Screw System

Designed to facilitate surgical procedures by simplifying screw placement, insertion and removal.

Stanley Asnis, MD, pioneered the development of cannulated screws in the 1980’s, which became a major facilitator for advancing minimally invasive surgery in orthopaedics.1, 2 The Asnis Micro Cannulated Screw Systems enhances this legacy, offering dedicated screws for you today.

  • 2.0mm and 3.0mm titanium screw size options
  • Low profile screw head may reduce potential soft-tissue irritation and offer improved external aesthetics
  • Self-drilling/self-tapping design with a reverse cutting flute
  1. European Patent 134514
  2. Browner, Bruce D. M.D (1996). Introduction. In: Asnis, Stanley E. and Kyle, Richard F. (editors). Cannulated Screw Fixation, Principles and Operative Techniques. Springer p.ix

CP-AWI-14, 07-2017