Resurfacing Tool

Provides procedural efficiency in your O.R.

One cutting edge with four benefits

Stryker’s resurfacing tool provides a reduced level of chatter, increased cut accuracy, and increased cut speed1 when compared to a 4.0mm fluted egg bur.1,2

  • Creates a more accurate cut path when compared to the current 4.0mm fluted egg bur2 
  • Offers a significant reduction in chatter when compared to the 4.0mm fluted egg bur2
  • When compared to fluted burs of similar geometries, the material removal of the Resurfacing Tools is improved over the current 4.0mm fluted egg bur1,2
  • Designed to not clog


When compared to a 4.0mm egg bur with ten flutes, the 4.0mm resurfacing tool has1,2:

44% increase in cut accuracy, 119% increase in cut speed, 62% reduction in chatter
  1. The 2.5mm egg resurfacing tool had an equivalent cut speed when compared to the 1608-002-035. 
  2. Under test lab conditions when compared to the 1608-002-035 using a bone substitute. 

9100-005-148 Rev. None



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