Maestro Drill

Maestro® Drill

Stronger, lighter, quieter and more reliable, the Maestro Drill gives you the power and flexibility your procedures demand. Choose a model with or without our high-performance integrated handswitch.

The Maestro brings power and precision together in an ideal combination. Foot pedal options and a wide array of attachments and cutting accessories let you design and instrumentation array that delivers every time.


Features and benefits

  • Pneumatic motor rated up to 75,000 RPM at up to 120 PSI
  • Motor-starting feature to increase startup dependability
  • Improved muffler to reduce noise
  • Double swivel mechanism for enhanced maneuverability
  • Lighter, durable dual elastomer hose that eliminates oil seepage
  • Compression spring to eliminate kinking
  • Self-priming Maestro irrigation console that has controlled flow rates and uses same cassette as our CORE Console
  • Works with the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of Elite, Footed, Heavy Duty and MIS attachments and cutting accessories—including tapered and telescoping options for optimal sightlines









Expanded foot pedal options

Choose the foot pedal design that matches the way you like to work—they’re all simple to set up and offer variable speed control. The “exhausting” pedal vents pressurized gas immediately at the foot pedal when you remove your foot.

“Non-exhausting” vents through the motor system; and “universal” gives you both exhausting, non-exhausting and handswitch modes. Our wide/heavy design is perfect if you prefer a roomier, wider-format foot control.



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