Bone Mill

Bone Mill


Our Bone Mill streamlines the preparation of harvested autologous bone by saving time and reducing manual effort.

Winner of the 2011 Medical Design Excellence Award, Bone Mill efficiently and consistently reduces bone into appropriately sized particles with a low-heat, single-pass cutting action.

It’s a best-in-class bone mill that meets your needs, fits smoothly into your existing workflow and integrates seamlessly with Stryker’s other solutions.


Features and benefits

  • Single-pass cutting action ensures uniform and consistent particulate size while protecting bone from heat
  • Three blade sizes allow for customized bone granulation for a wider range of procedures
  • Preassembled blades help make setup and operation fast and efficient
  • Collection tray maximizes bone output during milling cycle
  • Two power options—dedicated mill instrument driver and the versatile CORE Console
  • Precise compatibility with Stryker’s family of surgical solutions





Three blade options for maximum verstility

Fine blade
Bone particulate up to 3.2 mm

Medium blade
Bone particulate up to 5.0 mm

Coarse blade
Bone particulate up to 8.0 mm





Two options for power

Mill instrument driver

  • Independent console
  • Powers Bone Mill and one additonal pneumatic device from Stryker, allowing you to mill bone and drill simultaneously

CORE Console

  • Central control console for powered instruments in the operating room
  • Powers Bone Mill and up to two additional micropowered devices from Stryker simultaneously, including high speed drills, saws and microdebriders



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