Target Guided Surgery
(TGS) Navigation System

Augmented reality is finally here. Designed from the ground up with ENT surgeon feedback and key opinion leaders (KOL) insight, our TGS Navigation System offers standard-of-care EM technology combined with groundbreaking Scopis augmented reality.

TGS Navigation introduces augmented reality technology to functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) procedures and merges the pre-operative plan with the endoscopic image to offer real-time anatomical guidance directly on the surgical monitor. A special instrument guidance and notification system helps guide your endoscopic instruments on pathways directly to the targets. This innovation gives you confidence to see more and do more for your patients.

Features and benefits

  • Analyze the 3D anatomy using Building Blocks planning software
  • Plan sinus drainage pathways and target anatomy
  • View surgical plans overlaid onto the endoscopic image with augmented reality
  • Guide navigated instruments along planned pathways to targets

TGS Navigation

TGS Navigation is a next-generation solution for navigated functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) that offers surgeons highly advanced image guidance and visualization capabilities in a single system.

TGS Navigation is based on Building Blocks planning software, developed with Professor Peter J. Wormald, of Adelaide, Australia, and a worldwide network of leading KOLs in ENT. This solution allows the analysis and identification of sinus cells in the complex patient anatomy and planning of the natural drainage pathways through the sinus cavity.

During surgery, the planned pathways are overlaid in real-time onto the endoscopic image, providing you with unique Scopis augmented reality technology. Guidance of endoscopic instruments may help you to perform a minimally invasive, accurate and selective surgery.

Most trainees (89%) believed that the virtual 3D planning software significantly improved their understanding of the spatial orientation of the frontal sinus drainage pathway.1

Resources and downloads

1. Agbetoba A, Luong A, Siow JK, et. al. Educational utility of advanced three-dimensional virtual imaging in evaluating the anatomical configuration of the frontal recess. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2016;XX:1-6