Venom cannula and electrode system

The Venom system delivers lasting reliability and increased procedural efficiency.


Powered by the MulitGen 2 radiofrequency generator, the Venom system creates the largest, least-invasive lesions1 in the shortest amount of time. For every procedure, we deliver increased confidence, efficiency and optimal outcomes.

  • 'V' shape active tip provides an optimized configuration to target lesion zones, yielding a larger, more consistent lesion2

  • Increases surface area of the active tip without increasing cannula gauge size which is less invasive to the patient

  • Durable nitinol electrodes and easily maneuvered needles

  • Side port allows for improved anesthesia propagation more local to the target lesion zone2

  • Same exceptional quality as our standard RF cannulae

Average volume of radiofrquency lesions2










█  Standard cannula

█  Venom cannula