MultiGen 2 radiofrequency generator

Radiofrequency ablation is now more efficient and reliable than ever before. Enter the next generation and discover the control and confidence no other technology provides.


Double your confidence

Engineered with 100 watts—double the industry standard—you can achieve target temperature faster, with fewer errors. Experience unmatched levels of quality and durability, plus peace of mind with the Repair Replace program from ProCare Services. 

Maximize your time and schedule

Ramp up to temperature faster and start your procedure with a single touch of a button. Create a strip lesion without removing electrodes. Resolve errors in one step, without ever stopping the procedure. It’s about time.

Take command

Choose the order of lesions with independently run channels. Perform at your own pace with flexible stimulation controls. With the MultiGen 2 RF Generator, you can customize your procedure based on patient needs, procedural goals and personal preferences. 

Embrace a modern mindset

The MultiGen 2 RF Generator is appointed with modern features, like an ultra-responsive touchscreen, a USB port for saving and transferring presets and a lifecycle tracker for electrode use.



1000-025-857 Rev None