iVAS elite balloon system

The iVAS system used during vertebral augmentation utilizes a balloon catheter to create a void in the collapsed vertebra, helping to allow for controlled and contained cement delivery. The hardened cement creates an internal cast that stabilizes the fracture thereby alleviating pain in approximately 90% of patients.(1) With the addition of the iVAS Elite system to our industry-leading portfolio, your single source just became your elite source for vertebral augmentation.


The 11g iVAS access cannula has a cross-sectional area that is 47% smaller than an 8g access cannula and 20% smaller than a 10g access cannula, making it the least invasive vertebral augmentation system in the Stryker portfolio.

  • Less invasive offering3
  • Helps reduce footprint and trauma3
  • Designed for easier access and navigation inside pedicle3
  • Supports ability to perform vertebral augmentation/kyphoplasty at high(er) levels of vertebral body3
  • Helps decrease opportunity for canal breach3




Balloon catheter

  • Stiff distal balloon catheter provides rigidity for smooth insertion
  • Flexible proximal catheter allows for easy maneuverability
  • The radiopaque markers on the balloon catheter help facilitate accurate visualization and placement of the balloon

Access cannula / stylet

  • The hand drill cuts cleanly through cancellous bone to create a channel for balloon placement
  • Graduation markings on the access cannula assist in measuring needle depth



A material difference

Confidently create the void you imagined. Optimized material compliance and balloon shape enable you to inflate with unmatched puncture resistance and strength you can control—up to 808psi2

The system of choice

Customize your procedure with the approach and gauge size you see fit. With the addition of the iVAS Elite balloon, you now have a high-pressure balloon available in 11g, 10g and 8g systems.

Effortlessly efficient

Our user-centric features include an inflator with a weighted distal tip—for seamless contrast filling—and a locking coaxial cement tube that prevents backing out during injection.

An expanding portfolio

When partnered with products from our comprehensive vertebral compression fracture (VCF) portfolio, the iVAS Elite balloon system gives you total control over your procedural approach. Offered in 11g, 10g and 8g with bipedicular, unipedicular and à la carte packaging, we deliver the efficiency and performance you can trust.





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