AVAflex balloon system

Confidence is close at hand with our AVAflex balloon system. Simplify your approach in treating vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) and achieve bipedicular results with a unipedicular approach.(1) AVAflex’s multiple balloon sizes and needle gauge options are designed to meet your preferences and patient needs.

A balloon that goes beyond

Create larger voids1 with a single incision. Practice a minimally invasive approach while potentially reducing the risk of patient trauma.

  • AVAflex's 30mm balloon is the longest available in today's market2
  • Curved coaxial needle enables targeted cement placement for an optimal fill within the vertebral body
  • Available in a 10g and a less invasive 11g3 option



10g balloon specifications
  15mm 20mm 30mm
Volume 4cc 6cc 8cc
Pressure 400psi 400psi 400psi
11g balloon specifications
  15mm 20mm 30mm
Volume 3cc 4cc 6cc
Pressure 400psi 400psi 400psi



Procedure step by step

1. Insert the AVAflex needle with the radiopaque introducer.

2. Remove the AVAflex needle, leaving the introducer in place.

3. Place the AVAflex balloon down the introducer.

4. Expose the AVAflex balloon by retracting the introducer.

5. Inflate the AVAflex balloon.

6. Deflate the balloon. Remove the introducer and the deflated balloon simultaneously.

7. Prime the AVAflex needle with bone cement and insert the AVAflex needle into the vertebral body. Fill the vertebral body with cement.



1. Based on fill volume
2. As of February 2017
3. As compared to larger gauge sizes


1000-025-849 Rev None