Hoffmann® Micro Lengthener
External fixation system

Developed for metacarpal, metatarsal, or phalangeal lengthening the Hoffmann Micro Lengthener, may also be used for compression in arthrodesis or non-union cases. The overall size of the fixator makes it one of the most compact devices offered today. The low profile 6mm tube and clamp assembly is excellent for patient comfort, while still intending to maintain secure strength and durability.
  • Optional thumb wheel helps the patient follow the regime of daily lengthening.
  • Clamps can be positioned in a variety of ways to allow for optimal pin placement, easy frame adaptability, and access to the locking nuts.
  • Clamps allow insertion of Apex Pins in parallel, convergent, or divergent directions.




Midfoot procedures

Navicular fracture

Hindfoot procedures

calcaneal fracture 


Ankle procedures





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