Colorado MicroDissection Needle
Electrosurgery needle

An ultra-sharp, single-use device designed for precision cutting and coagulation of soft tissue.

Colorado MicroDissection Needle

For precision electrosurgery.

Originally developed by a neurosurgeon, today’s Colorado Needle line now includes more than 40 configurations tailored to the unique needs of diverse procedures. Our needles are compatible with a range of monopolar electrosurgical handpieces on the market. With unparalleled sharpness and small size, Colorado Needle tips allow for the consistent precision and patient protection you want from your everyday, go-to surgical instruments.

  • Electrocautery needles allow for simultaneous cutting and coagulation, reducing blood loss and promoting a cleaner surgical field.
  • Microscopic (5μ), ultra-sharp tip enables precision tissue dissection and hemostasis at extremely low wattages, which can minimize tissue damage.
  • Tungsten alloy heat resistant tip (melting point >3400°C) maintains sharpness longer than stainless steel; eliminating or reducing the need for multiple needles per case.
  • High polish prevents sticking and wipes easily, limiting cleaning time in case.


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