Operon D760
Surgical Table

The Operon D760 is an economical way to bring our quality to your surgical suite. Delivered with the same quality and service which is exemplified by Stryker's history, the D760 provides a robust solution for your facility.

Operon D770

Operon D760

The Operon D760 offers an 465 mm wide integrated x-ray channel designed to eliminate the need for separate x-ray tops. The D760 maintains a 453 kg weight capacity** in any articulation in normal orientation.

With a focus on safety, the D760 provides your OR staff peace of mind with a manual backup system with foot pump and emergency keypad located on the column.

**Normal orientation weight capacity of 280 kg when the Trendelenburg angle is larger than 15 degrees.

SMACC Number 2019·22279

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