Zip skin closure

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*Zip can only replace the skin closure layer for sutures or staples with incision widths of 5mm or less.

Non-invasive wound closure device able to replace staples, sutures and glue for lacerations and surgical incisions.*

2x better cosmetic appearance

than sutures1

3x faster application

than sutures2

12x greater skin-holding strength

than sutures3

Designed for

a better patient



    Key benefits

    Greater range of motion compared to staples at 2 weeks post-op4

     Easier and faster application compared to staples2,9 

    Less painful than staples and sutures5,8 

•    Better cosmetic appearance1

     Fewer wound complications6

•     No added pathways for bacteria10

     Leaves skin barrier intact10


Four different lengths


Zip comes in four different lengths to accommodate the needs of various procedures and specialties. You can also trim, cut, and combine Zip for all types of incisions.

Zip 4 For closure of incision up to 4 cm in length
Zip 8i For closure of incision up to 8 cm in length
Zip 16 For closure of incision up to 16 cm in length
Zip 24 For closure of incision up to 24 cm in length


Incision Isolation Zone

The force distribution system is designed to provide uniform closure forces as well as create an isolation zone around the incision to protect it from patient-induced distraction forces.

Dynamic compression

The integrated linkage in the Zip device is designed to provide dynamic compression during axial incision extension. Patient’s movement can cause the incision to extend along its length.
The Zip device gently compresses the incision during axial extension, allowing a secure wound closure during the wound healing process.


21 peer reviewed study publications, demonstrating clinical and economic benefits   

30 countries and over 600,000 cases

9 issued patents


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