HipMap and HipCheck

Patient-specific surgical planning

3D preoperative planning assists with clinical decision making and real-time intraoperative feedback helps measure and resect cam lesions to a desired alpha angle.

Designed to advance FAI through enhanced workflow and improved patient interaction.


  • Streamline pre-operative planning and intra-operative clinical decision making

  • Introduce a visualization tool to your workflow that provides a reproducible approach to femoroplasty

  • Bring HipMap into the OR with HipCheck in order to translate planning to execution

HipMap A pre-operative planning tool that delivers a patient-specific, interactive 3D representation of the hip designed to assist with clinical decision making.

HipMap is rooted in literature and utilizes complex analytics to provide surgeons with an advanced approach to pre-operative clinical decision making.

Plan the surgery
HipMap leverages advanced imaging to create a patient-specific, interactive 3D representation of the hip. The full report is delivered in a consumable format complete with cam and pincer analysis, version/torsion measurements, indications for potential instability, 3D heat maps, measurement scales, and other visual tools.

Educate patients
HipMap can help patients understand the pathology affecting their hip joint and may contribute to a more robust discussion on the surgical approach.

HipCheck An intra-operative resection planning and execution tool that allows surgeons to measure and resect cam lesions to a desired alpha angle.

Introduce a visualization tool to the sterile field to localize and address cam pathology on a patient-specific basis.

Reproducible approach to femoroplasty
View side-by-side comparison of pre-resection and post-resection fluoroscopy to validate the resection plan was executed.

Enhanced workflow
This tool integrates seamlessly into the current workflow and puts the surgeon in control.

Post-op communication
Connect on a different level with patients – the pre-op and post-op comparison images are designed to deliver confidence that the pathology was addressed appropriately.

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