Femoral Hip Stem

The Exeter cemented femoral hip system is designed for surgeons who are looking to perform all hip indications - primary, revision and fracture - with a single proven system.

Proven. Progressive. One.    

With over 50 years of clinical history, Exeter has demonstrated successful clinical performance1 in peer-reviewed medical journals and national joint registries2,3

  • In a 2016 study,long-term survivorship for aseptic loosening was 99% at 22.8 years follow-up in 350 patients.

  • In a 2020 study,4 107 patients aged 50 years or younger who were implanted with an Exeter stem demonstrated 96.3% survivorship for aseptic loosening at a 21.6 year follow-up.

Backed by an active surgeon design panel and R&D team, the Exeter hip system continues to evolve to meet the demands of today’s surgeons. In late 2014, we launched three new 125mm short stems incorporating our SOMA database to optimize fit in the changing patient population,5,6 particularly for patients who have narrow Dorr type A femurs and high offsets.
Educational programmes include hands-on basic through advanced courses to assist with surgeons' learning objectives and professional development.
Exeter is a cobalt-free implant7 and features Orthinox forged stainless steel.
Exeter accommodates primary, revision and hip fracture cases with one implant and instrument system. The streamlined system helps promote operating room efficiencies by simplifying the training required for OR staff.
The wide range of stem sizes, offsets and length options in the Exeter system allows surgeons to intra-operatively restore a wide variety of patient anatomies with one hip system.

Exeter V40 Femoral Stems

Product code Offset Body size Length
0580-1-300 30mm - 95mm
0580-1-330 33mm - 115mm
0580-1-351 35.5mm - 125mm
0580-1-352 37.5mm 0 150mm
0580-3-371 37.5mm 1 125mm
0580-1-371 37.5mm 1 150mm
0580-1-372 37.5mm 2 150mm
0580-1-373 37.5mm 3 150mm
0580-1-374 37.5mm 4 150mm
0580-1-044 44mm 00 125mm
0580-1-440 44mm 0 150mm
0580-3-441 44mm 1 125mm
0580-1-441 44mm 1 150mm
0580-1-442 44mm 2 150mm
0580-1-443 44mm 3 150mm
0580-1-444 44mm 4 150mm
0580-3-501 50mm 1 125mm
0580-1-501 50mm 1 150mm
0580-1-502 50mm 2 150mm
0580-1-503 50mm 3 150mm
0580-1-504 50mm 4 150mm
0580-1-561 56mm 1 150mm
0580-1-562 56mm 2 150mm

Exeter V40 Femoral Long Stems

Product Code Offset Body Size Length
0580-3-321 37.5mm 1 205mm
0580-3-422 44mm 2 205mm
0580-1-200 44mm 3 200mm
0580-1-220 44mm 3 220mm
0580-1-240 44mm 3 240mm
0580-1-260 44mm 3 260mm


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