Constant Low Pressure

Sensored. Alternating Pressure Technology. Anatomic Bladder Design.

Stryker's Eole Support Surface

Product features

Close-up of the 4-way stretch top cover on Stryker's Eole support surface being stretched

4-way stretch top cover

Top cover: 4-way stretch (allows immersion, designed to reduce shear and friction) and breathable (permeable to air and impermeable to liquids).

Diagram of the anatomic bladder design of Stryker's Eole support surface

Anatomic bladder design

The four zones favor a customized immersion and help provide immersion for the vulnerable heel area.

Stryker's Eole support surface without a cover, showing the monoblock design

Durable monoblock design

The monoblock design is intended to increase durability.

Close-up of the transport mode option on Stryker's Eole support surface

Transport mode

Keep the patient on air during transportation.

Air pump used with Stryker's Eole support surface


The system reacts and readjusts based on patient movements and positions. Pump features: Alternating/Static technology, Comfort and Max inflate/fowler boost.