Sage Antiseptic Body Cleansing Washcloths

Address bacteria on the skin

Standardise your approach to increase efficiency and improve compliance to protocol.

Sage 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Cloth

Our easy-to-use CHG cloths are alcohol-free.

  • Has persistent antimicrobial effect against a wide variety of microorganisms

  • Controls organisms that are harmful to human health

  • Use against broad spectrum of microorganisms

  • Skin Disinfection and Skin Decolonisation

  • Skin Hygiene (clean and disinfect skin to minimise risk of the spread of harmful germs or microorganisms)

  • Helps reduce risk of bacteria acquisition

  • Easy to use, reduces process variation

Product registrations include Italy (no.19706), France (97866), Ireland (PCS 95355), Germany (N-31460), Luxembourg (22/07/L).