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For decades, we’ve been focused on innovations that help improve caregiver safety, patient outcomes and increase operational efficiency.


We envision a society in which you are able to do your job safely and effectively, with the right tools to save lives.


Make high performance easier in challenging situations. Count on LIFEPAK 15 for the confidence you need in emergencies and for the broadest range of energy levels to treat all patients, up to 360 joules. Get connected with the LIFENET system and manage your LIFEPAK device fleet while rapidly distributing post-event review insights.

Mechanical CPR

The LUCAS 3 version 3.1 Chest Compression system delivers Guideline-consistent, high-quality chest compressions which allows you and your team to work more efficiently and safely.

Patient transport

Stryker’s Patient transport products lead the market in powered Emergency Care equipment. Since our entry into the EMS market, we have made innovations focused on enhancing patient care and provider safety, while increasing ease of operation.


EMS Survivor Stories:
Italian Dolomites


A day like no other - Marmolada is more than a mountain, it’s a rite of passage, a dream, the ultimate challenge for a climber. Roberto knew this on that sunny Saturday morning when he started his way up with his best friend and climbing partner Alessandro. But during late afternoon at 2,800m and without warning they would be consumed by a hail storm which would result in an almost impossible true story of survival. Watch this incredible story featuring the LUCAS 3 version 3.1.



Connected to Care:


In critical situations, you need to make the right connections and communication on scene and behind the scenes. Our devices and data connect with you to ensure an integrated flow from the field into the hospital. Saving every second and delivering insights that matter to help improve patient outcomes.


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