Maestro Air

Maestro Air Motor

Our latest Maestro Air motor reflects multiple refinements aimed at increasing its reliability and your overall experience. 

Rated up to 150 psi, coupled with the intuitive feel and feedback you like from a pneumatic system. With a wealth of choices to suit your specialty and preferences, you can create a drill portfolio reflective of your own signature style.

Maestro Air

Features & benefits

  • Color coding instantly identifies matching attachments and cutting accessories
  • Alignment dots and Snap-Connect designed for easy and consistent assembly/disassembly
  • Compatible with vast selection of attachments and cutting accessories including:
    • Multi-notch telescoping accessories (up to 10mm); reduces inventory up to 5:1
    • 2Flute head design

Ergonomic freedom of motion

  • Refined attachment design for improved balance and maneuverability
  • Improved swivel at hose, increasing headpiece  freedom of movement
  • Lighter, more flexible hose with low-friction coating to reduce catching on surgical fabric and drapes, or collection of dust and debris


  • Motors with our without handswitch
  • Three foot pedal options
  • Vast collection of attachments and cutting accessories
  • Exclusive 2Flute design with RIM Glide Technology

Power and reliability

  • Pneumatic motor rated up to 150 psi
  • 20% more torque than previous model
  • 25% more power in watts
  • Speeds up to 75K RPMs



Expanded foot pedal options

Choose the foot pedal design that matches the way you like to work—they’re all simple to set up and offer variable speed control. The “exhausting” pedal vents pressurized gas immediately at the foot pedal when you remove your foot.

“Non-exhausting” vents through the motor system; and “universal” gives you both exhausting, non-exhausting and handswitch modes. 

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