Power-LOAD: A legacy of trusted performance

Power-LOAD hasn’t just stood the test of time – it’s evolved to meet our customers' needs. A decade of customer input has contributed to continuous design, quality, and reliability improvements – all designed with you, the healer, in mind.

Introducing a new generation.

Our powered system - Power-LOAD and Power PRO-XT – works together to allow EMS personnel to do their jobs more safely by raising, lowering, loading and unloading the cot at the touch of a button. Stop lifting. Start loading.

A rep talks to a nurse about reprocessed devices

Be confident.

Stryker powered solution is designed to help reduce the risk of injuries when loading and unloading cots.

Injury reductions

When comparing the stretcher-related injuries in a one-year retrospective data review conducted together with an EMS provider in Denmark, it was shown that the group using a powered system had 71% fewer injuries than the group using a manual system.1

Staff satisfaction

Stryker conducted a satisfaction survey on Power-LOAD and Power-Pro XT with 295 paramedics:
of the interviewees stated that Power-LOAD and Power-PRO XT have reduced the physical effort required in their day-to-day workflows.2

Experience the legacy for yourself

Want to schedule a product demo? Need additional information? Interested in learning about our Flex Financial offering? Just let us know and your Stryker Rep will contact you and get you what you need.