VSP Orthognathics

Virtual Surgical Planning


Working in collaboration with 3D Systems, VSP Orthognathics represents a major leap forward in virtual planning of orthognathic surgical procedures. Years of research and patented technology have led to the creation of a protocol that allows for accurate planning and precise clinical transfer via CAD/CAM splint technology.
VSP Orthognatics articles are legally manufactured by the company 3D Systems and distributed by Stryker.

Features and benefits

Anatomical design

Case is planned using CT/CBCT data, allowing to visualise anatomical landmarks and helping to ensure surgical plan matches patient's anatomy.

Design session

Web-based design session allowing a surgeon direct input on every step of the pre-surgical plan.

Surgical splints

Surgical splints help transfer the pre-surgical plan into the operating room, helping to ensure accuracy.

Case report

Case report outlines the step-by-step of the pre-surgical plan, serving as a reference before surgery and in the operating room.

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