Stretcher Chairs

Facilitates clinical performance and patient comfort in a compact form.

Stryker's Stretcher Chair


Close-up of Stryker's Eye Stretcher Chair's headpiece

Eye Stretcher Chair

The Eye Stretcher Chair provides all the benefits of the standard Stretcher Chair, plus a dual-articulating, enhanced-clearance headpiece for surgical positioning.

Close-up of Stryker's Stretcher Chair's foot section

Foot section

The foot section can be moved dependently or independently from the backrest.



Product features

Stryker's Stretcher Chair in the flat position


Stretcher easily articulates from flat to chair position.

Stryker's Stretcher Chair in a seated position


Pneumatic backrest manoeuvres from 0 to 90 degrees.

Close-up of the central-locking, steel brake rings on Stryker's Stretcher Chair


Dual hydraulic jacks and central-locking, steel brake rings enhance stability.

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