Speak Up!


Speak up! We listen, we care, we act.

All of us working for and with Stryker’s customers have the privilege of being part of a powerful mission to make healthcare better. We are committed to winning the right way by acting legally, ethically and honorably.

Doing what is right is not always easy

We realize that, while representing Stryker, you encounter complex situations and dealing with them may not always be easy. You sometimes need to have difficult conversations or say “no” to certain unethical or unlawful requests. We appreciate and thank you for choosing to do what’s right and not just go for what’s easy.

When you are concerned about something, speak up 

Speaking Up is important when you experience, see, or hear something that is unusual, suspicious or concerning. Stryker cannot stop potential improper behavior or activities without someone finding the courage to Speak Up. 

You are not alone. There is help available 

Whenever you are faced with difficult situations, please discuss this within your company and feel free to also reach out to your Stryker contact, Compliance officer or ICM team and we will be happy to support you. You can also use Stryker’s Ethics Hotline to report a concern directly or anonymously. 

Ethics Hotline
To report an ethical concern: 

Speak Up!
Download the report a concern poster