A workplace safety essential

Every minute matters

A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim’s chance of survival decreases by seven to 10 percent for every minute without defibrillation.1 Readily accessible AEDs increase public safety for your customers, clients and employees.

Together, we save lives.

When one of your customers or employees collapses from SCA, time is of the essence. Reducing response time by even one or two minutes from collapse to AED shock can mean the difference between death and survival.2

Help keep your workplace safe with Stryker’s full line of defibrillators. With the right solution for all public places, we can help improve SCA survival rates in your community.



woman holding AED device

An investment in your people

Investing in an AED program is a commitment to protect the lives of those in your business, organization and community. Public access automated external defibrillators put lifesaving technology where it can do the most good. Stryker can support you on minimizing the cost of managing and maintaining your AEDs.

Simple management, low cost of ownership, low maintenance

Safer workplace for your employees, clients and visitors

Wider community engagement

Be a leader of health and safety within your corporate sector

Easy to use, effective and always ready

“As a business with a presence in more than a thousand communities across the country, we want to do our bit to help save lives. The best medical advice tells us that access to an AED early on can greatly increase the chance of survival.” 


Managing Director, 
leading supermarket chain with over 200,000 employees

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