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We promise to keep things relevant year in and year out. 

An effective experience

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Healthcare professionals trained in 2021!

TEACH mobile lab

The TEACH Mobile Lab is a fully equipped and modern mobile education facility, designed to provide high-quality medical education at locations convenient to our customers.

Surgeons attending workshops in the TEACH Mobile Lab will learn how products from Stryker Trauma and Extremities can be used to help treat patients,and make healthcare better. The TEACH Mobile Lab is “on the move”, and will bring a high-quality education experience directly to you!

Amsterdam Skills Centre

On November 13th, 2017 Stryker signed a contract with the Amsterdam Skills Centre for Health Sciences B.V. (ASC), making Stryker the preferred partner for this new innovative training centre, including cadaveric labs. 

The ASC is owned by the two university hospitals in Amsterdam. In June 2018, these hospitals (AMC & VUmc) merged, and thereby became the biggest university hospital in the Netherlands and among the top five in Europe. Their new name is Amsterdam UMC.

The ASC is located on the hospital ground of the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC. The centre is a convenient 7-minute drive from the European Office and a 20-minute drive from the airport which has over 300 direct flights and many connection flights.

  • Stryker has 90 course days per year in the ASC
  • The building is 3700m2
  • Two labs of 200m2 per lab, each with six stations with the option to be combined
  • Three meeting rooms of varying sizes with the option to be combined
  • Two Stryker dedicated showrooms of 19m2, equipped 365 days a year
  • 7 minutes by car from the European offices
  • 20 minutes by car from Schiphol Airport, with over 300+ direct flights

Amsterdam Skill Center

TEACH lab Augsburg

TEACH lab Augsburg opened in 2013/2014 as dedicated Training and Education Centre. This traditional style building is owned by the Freemasons society and has 125 years of history. It hosted 42 international courses in 2019.

  • Centrally position in Augsburg, close to restaurants and hotels​
  • 83kms from Munich Airport​
  • Main Lab space 117sqms and didactic side 72sqms
  • Six large steel framed work-stations, plus master table area
  • Seating for around 20 to 25 surgeons in lecture area 
  • Five other rooms for sole use, additional space per discussion with the landlord​
  • Prep and packing area
  • Downstairs large office with two work-stations
  • Cleaning plus specimen storage area​
  • Two additional service rooms, shower and toilets
  • X-ray available, plus two trained x-ray supervisors
TEACH lab Augsburg

A meaningful experience

Make the most of your time. We promise to keep things relevant year in and year out.
  • We strive to provide you with useful courses. Consulting with the industry's top key opinion leaders helps us design a broad and relevant curriculum
  • Your opinion counts. We collect feedback after every session and the advice you give helps to make our programs even better
  • Our focus is on your practical education and training, not product promotion 

An effective experience

Stay in the know. Take what you learn today, and apply it tomorrow. 
  • We can give you the hands-on experience you want. We offer a wide range of cadaveric labs to help hone your surgical skills
  • Supporting you is the number one priority for our faculty. Wide ranging and in-depth teaching experience gives them the insight to help you get the most out of each course
  • Learning is more effective in small groups. Our courses have a high ratio of faculty to trainees 

A personalized experience

We'll keep up. As you progress so will our offerings.
  • Your need for tiered levels of training and education is met by our extensive Stryker course offering ranging from basic resident training to advanced surgical techniques.
  • Stryker also offers educational grants to Healthcare Organizations and Professional Conference Organizers to contribute to medical education of healthcare professionals.
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