Who, why and how? Exploring partial knee procedures


Program objectives

  • Explore 3D CT-based planning, surgical steps and workflow
  • Identify and understand indications for partial knee procedures
  • Explore medial, bicomp and patellofemoral partial knee replacements
  • Understand clinical data on robotic partial knee procedures


Product focus

  • Mako Partial Knee


R. William Junius, M.D. 
Metairie, LA 

Residency: Fort Worth Affiliated Hospitals 


Brian Perkinson, M.D.  
Franklin, TN   

Residency: Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics
Fellowship: Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic

Join William Junius, M.D. and Brian Perkinson, M.D., as they discuss indications and clinical data on partial knee replacements in joint arthroplasty.

On-demand learning


Mako Partial Knee Planar Workflow with Adam Freedhand, M.D. 
15:13 minutes

Mako Partial Knee Lateral Unicompartmental with Martin Roche, M.D.
51:10 minutes

Mako Partial Knee Patellofemoral with Timothy Sauber, M.D. 
12:37 minutes

Mako Partial Knee Burr Only Workflow with Adam Freedhand, M.D.
67:21 minutes